1. Roanoke man captures “snow roller” on camera 

    Izak Veldsman send me these photos (above) of what looks like a snow burrito. Turns out, these are a rare meteorological phenomenon that occurs when chunks of snow/sleet are blown along the ground (or in this case, the wind blowing over the car), causing it to roll into a ball. This is much the way you’d take a snowball and roll it on the ground to make a snowman.

    What happened in this case is the snow/sleet got icy, at the same time the high winds came through Wednesday night. The wind kept blowing the snow/sleet over on itself until it formed these snow rollers. 

    Here’s a link to more snow rollers and below is Izak’s original email to me. I love your photos and stories. Keep sending them in. "LIKE" me on Facebook!

    My car was parked in the driveway during Wednesday night, and when I got to my car this morning I found this interesting roll of ice/snow on the windscreen, on top of the windscreen wipers.
    It looked complete like a rolled up newspaper. Do you have any idea how this was formed?
    Izak Veldsman
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